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I really like my stay here. The nursing is good and they take good care of me here, the therapy is good too. They make you work hard towards your goals while still making it fun. I look forward to achieving my goals so I can return home.

–Bonita McGuireI

Very caring and helpful folks here at Claremont. The food is good and the staff are caring.

–Glenn Gutshall

My wife has been in Claremont since January 4. I am there every day for 6-7 hours. I see it all, the good and the bad. While my wife is sleeping, I walk around and chat with the aides and nurses, and housekeepers. I have gotten to know people in most departments. I think of them as friends. I am in awe of how hard these people work. They are caring and compassionate, doing the best they can with what they have. I have seen them go the extra mile for the people in their care. It is no wonder that positions are hard to fill. It is hard work. Take time to give them a pat on the back and a thank you.

–Brian Smith

My father in law was a resident here and loved the staff. Seeing him develop such wonderful relationships was amazing. I’m beyond thankful for the many laughs he was able to share with his nurses and aides.

–Natashia Dellinger

This home has a very passionate staff who cares immensely for their residents like family.

–Monica Minnich

My brother Richard Hobba is getting excellent care at Claremont and I want to thank everyone. It nice to see such dedication and kindness that he is getting. People at Claremont really care.

–Wanda Joyce

My father was here for almost 5 years, initially starting off in the short-term unit and then moving into a long-term care unit. The staff at Claremont did an amazing job. They were responsive if we had a question or issue, provided compassionate care for my father, and had good communication with my mother about his care. It wasn’t the closest facility for our family to get to, but we chose it because of the care he received. I would highly recommend this facility.

–Jenny Dincher

My husband spent four and a half years on the third floor. He had excellent and compassionate care, and the people and staff treated us like family. As a nurse I know what to expect from nursing homes; Claremont went above and beyond my expectations!

– Rosemarie Nicholson

Location is clean, and the staff is friendly. They are taking care of an old friend for PT. We just visited. Good information, clear and kind people.

–David Manns

Wonderful place for elderly people to be. They care for you! Helpful, Clean, friendly and so on.

–Sam Klein

1000 Claremont Road
 Carlisle, PA 17013

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